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When the web copy is due before all the details are nailed down…
When you’re creating the sell sheet for something that’s already halfway through the sales pipeline…
When you don’t know exactly what you want, but the team needs something to react to…

You need:
Conceptual thinking, logic, problem solving
A storyteller comfortable with nebulous ideas and shifting goals

As a copywriter, I can take creative leadership and build ideas from the ground up. With strong research and critical thinking skills, I’m able to synthesize information and make recommendations. Draft copy can be the tool that helps a team hash out decisions or spot new opportunities.

Real world business opportunities can be rushed and uncertain. I’m okay with that.

My core services:

  • Web content

  • White papers
  • Marketing collateral
  • Press releases
  • Case studies and success stories
  • Internal communication

About me

I established Moving Type in early 2006.  I work from home, but rarely in pajamas. 

When I got an English degree, people asked if I was going to teach. When I got my master's in journalism, I heard pithy diatribes on the evils of modern media. But when I say I write for a living, I get wistful looks and atta girls. 

Yeah, it's a sweet gig. And I'm good at it. Plus, every job is like a mini-seminar. So I get to keep the lifelong learner in me satisfied without the tuition bills.



BA English
St. Norbert College

MA Communication
Marquette University



Content development

Creative direction


CMS systems

Trello, Basecamp, Slack, Monday, etc.

SEMRush (newbie)

InDesign (lapsed)




She has always impressed me with her ability to give concepts an articulate and approachable voice. Jaime can take industry lingo and turn it into readable, concise, and impactful copy.
— Amy Dooley, Graphic Designer
Jaime is by far the best copywriter we have ever used. I would put my name behind her without hesitation.
— Scott Bushkie, President, Cornerstone Business Services
Her writing style is spot on with our brand personality and her business acumen is superb.
— Jackie Grey, for work done with buji
Jaime is probably one of the most skilled and creative writers I have worked with in my long career. Bottom line is that she ‘gets it’ every time.
— Peter Kojalo, Senior PR and Communication Professional


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